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high risk protection

High Risk Protection programs are designed for all the military & security specialists who are planning to operate in unstable and hostile zones around the world. The main aim of the course is to develop a necessary set of skills including small team tactics, assault tactics, reconnaissance aspects, site and convoy security, static security & patrolling etc. As its known fact the range of tasks in high risk areas are vast and not always limited to personal protection, so a modern operator has to be qualified in multiple spheres in order to be able to accomplish different types of missions.

high risk protection PROGRAMS

  • Private Military Contractor

  • PSD In High Risk Area

  • Maritime Security Operator

  • High Risk Area Establishment Protection

  • Convoy Protection

  • Check Point Organization & Control

  • Poaching Prevention Operator

  • Static Guard In High Risk Area

  • Protection Marksman

  • High Value Escort Team Tactics

  • Aviation Security- Sky Marshal

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