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Tactical Shooting programs are designed to begin and develop skills for the operators who uses all weapon systems in a tactical environment. Programs are designed to impart operators with skills to operate weapons systems such as Pistol, Sub-Machine Gun, Assault Rifles & Shotguns . Training will enhance & develop operator accuracy and increases confidence with any weapon system. The programs will also cover Ballistic Science which prepares an operator theoretically as well practically. 


tactical shooting PROGRAMS

tactical shooting
  • Tactical Pistol

  • Tactical Rifle

  • Tactical Sub-Machine-Gun/SMG

  • Tactical shotgun

  • Machine Gun Tactics-LMG

  • Combined Firearm's

  • Low Light/No Light Shooting

  • Glock Pistol Operator

  • AK Operator

  • INSAS Operator

  • TAVOR Operator

  • M4 Operator

  • X95 Operator

  • 9mm Specialist 

  • Vehicle CQB

tactical pistol
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