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cetrcm : center of tactical research & combat medicine

CETRCM was established with the vision to develop & update Tactical Procedures, Team Tactics & Combat Medicine programs for operators around the world. CETRCM is one of its kind in providing Counter Terror, Close Protection, Combat Medicine , Tactical Shooting & High Risk Protection, CQB/CQC Programs & Services. Training modules & tactics are developed after intense R&D and real combat experience of veterans from different special forces & enforcement units across the global.​


CETRCM comprises a team of top experts with years of experience in Special Operation Tactics, Enforcement Procedures, Protection & Management etc.​ The Instructors of CETRCM are experts from different tactical ( SOF ) units including Indian, Russian, French, Serbian & Israeli.


We are specialized in training Special Forces, Law Enforcement, SWAT Units & other Counter Terror Units along with Regular Armed Units.​We train & motivate operators & units to pull out best results in their given task or mission. ​CETRCM is the first organization in India to provide TCCC / Combat Medicine Courses.



ISO 9001:2015 Certified .


GROM SHOOTING ACADEMY, Serbia is the official Training & Range Partner .



SRCT : It’s a RAPID SHOOTING & SWIFT ENGAGEMENT System Specifically Designed For Urban Or High Risk Area Threat Response Tactical Units Like SWAT Or Counter Terror Units.

The Frame Work Of SRCT Is Based On Israeli Krav Maga, Russian FSB Tactics, French Foreign Legion & Serbian Special Forces Methods With Fabrication To Suit Indian Weapon & Infrastructure Systems.

It Trains An Operator In Advance Firearms Tactics Including Extreme Close Quarter Confrontation – Hand To Hand & Knife Tactics, Assault Team Tactics, Fast Draw, Rapid Engagement, Emergency Reload, Extreme Close Range Shooting, CI/CT Tactics, High Risk Protection, CASO/SADO, Ambush / Counter Ambush Tactics, Close Protection, Hostage Rescue, Urban Warfare, Vehicle Intervention, Aviation Security, Maritime Security, Assault Rappelling, Breach Methods, Methods Of Entry, EOD and So On…….


Krav Maga (Contact Fight), Originally Developed In Israel, Is The Official System Of Hand-to-hand Combat Employed By The Israeli Defense Forces, The Israeli National And Military Police, As Well As Israeli Special Operations And Security Units. Krav Maga Offers An Effective And Aggressive Style Of Fighting For The Military.


Krav Maga Is Adapted By More Than 80+ Countries Militaries As Their Primary Combat System.

It Is The Only Combat System In The World Which Is Proven And Tested In Battle Field ,Majorly In Unconventional Warfare And Counter Terror Operations.
• Krav Maga Principles Are Based On Human Reaction And Also On Fight Science.
• Krav Maga Teaches An Operator To Use Empty Hands , Tactical Knife , Empty Weapon ( Firearm ) As Well Loaded Weapon In Extreme Volatile Situations.

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